The Fingal Biodiversity Programme is all about ACTION FOR NATURE. The Biodiversity Plan includes a 100 actions that will create the Ecological Network in Fingal and raise awareness of the importance of nature to the local community. Some of the most important projects will evolve around the key nature conservation areas in Fingal such as the Rogerstown Estuary, Howth Head and the “Green Z” Tolka Valley, Royal Canal and the Liffey Valley in the Dublin 15 area.

Many projects are already being implemented around the county. The Rogerstown Estuary at Donabate is the flagship project for the Fingal Biodiversity programme. Here the Parks Division is developing a major new natural amenity area around the Rogerstown Inner Estuary. The County Council is also working on a variety of other projects such as dune protection measures, woodland management works and heathland management to enhance sites wherever we can.

Support and participation by the local community are key elements of any nature conservation project. By actively involving the community in the design and management of our landscape, everybody gets a chance to have their say and contribute to their local surroundings.

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