The Tolka Valley Park is a popular Regional Park in the Dublin 15 area. The park is still in a relatively natural state and consists of approx. 300 acres of grassland, wetland and some fine mature woodland and contains a rich variety in plant and animal life.

A community forum was set up in 2005 to coordinate, promote and develop the park as a nature reserve. The forum allows the local community to have a say in the design, layout and management of the park thus insuring that local community requirements, wishes, concerns etc. are addressed. The community forum includes representatives from 16 local organisations including residents associations, youth clubs, local businesses, the local fishing clubs and several environmental groups. The aim of the project as defined by the community forum is "to develop and mange the Tolka Valley Park together with the local community as a safe clean and accessible and attractive wildlife area that can be enjoyed by all”.

The Tolka Valley community forum is involved in a wide range of activities and projects from educational programs to practical conservation activities such as woodland management works, river enhancement works and river clean ups.

For more information on these projects please contact the Biodiversity Officer.
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