Biodiversity Flagship Project
The Turvey lands are situated to the south of the Rogerstown Estuary. These lands are owned by Fingal County Council and comprise of 220 acres of woodland, grassland, salt marsh, allotments and arable lands. The Rogerstown Estuary and surrounding lands is an extremely important area for birds. The estuary is best known for the thousands of overwintering wildfowl and waders, but is also a vital staging post for autumn migrants and supports year round populations of songbirds and bird of prey.

Given the tranquil and natural setting and the ecological qualities of this site it was suggested to create a natural amenity area around the estuary. Fingal County Council produced a masterplan for the Rogerstown Inner Estuary, together with local community groups, Birdwatch Ireland, National Parks & Wildlife Service and the Conservation Volunteers Ireland.

For a copy of the Rogerstown Inner Estuary Masterplan click here or contact the Biodiversity Officer.

Work To Date
To date, over 40.000 trees have been planted by local schoolchildren, families, volunteers and various businesses. The existing woodland blocks have been thinned and made more attractive for wildlife. Local school children built bird and batboxes which can be found all over Turvey. The abandoned grasslands along the estuary are being grazed again with Kerry cattle and the former arable lands have been sown with a linnet seedmixture, which will provide a rich feeding area for finches and other seed eating birds in the early winter.


For more information on these projects please contact the Biodiversity Officer.
Fingal County Council wishes to thank Rural Dublin Leader, The Forestry Service and The Heritage Council for their generous support towards this project.
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