Fingal County Council and Gwynedd County Council in Wales teamed up for a 3-year Ireland/Wales EU Interreg 111A partnership project, to raise awareness of their marine and coastal environment.

The project acted as a pilot scheme for both Wales and Ireland and aimed to develop a comprehensive coastal education and awareness programme that can be implemented by County Councils, NGO’s and State Agencies.
A variety of educational and promotional materials were developed such as a documentary video on the Fingal Coast, guided walks and events; road-shows; a theatre project, interpretative signage, school projects and the development of educational material. The Living Coast - Living Sea project also included several studies such as audience research and two marine habitat studies.

It is envisaged that these educational materials will help to stimulate an appreciation for the coastal environment which, in turn, will lead to better protection of designated areas and coastal biodiversity in both Wales and Ireland.

For the outputs from this project, visit go to the Resources section.
For more information on these projects please contact the Biodiversity Officer.

This project was co-funded by the ERDB INTERREG IIIA programme.
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