The ‘Growing Places’ project is an initiative by Fingal County Council’s Parks Division. The objective of this project is to add more diversity and colour to our greens and open spaces. Not only will make this our surroundings much more attractive, it will also greatly benefit wildlife and it reduces our labour inputs.

The County Council manages approx 2000ha of open space, most of which comprises of regularly mown grassland with young trees in it. Those parts of our greens that are not used on a regular basis are to be changed into a wildflower meadow and cut once a year. This will add colour to these sterile greens and will introduce butterflies, bees and birds back into our housing estates and regional parks. By planting large drifts of daffodils into these meadows, a splash of colour is added in spring time.

The Parks Division is also keen to introduce more tree varieties in the larger green areas. Cherry blossoms will brighten any dull spring day and more unusual tree species such as the Gingko tree or Strawberry tree will add some visual interest to any open space throughout the year.

The smallest pockets of mown grass can be replaced with colourful herbaceous planting schemes that include Day lilies, Ladies Mantle, Crocosmia and other striking plants. Not only will this look great in summer and autumn, it also helps to eliminate the grass cutting of these time consuming pockets.
  herb_schemes wildflower_meadow
Are you interested in adding some colour and wildlife to your estate?
Then get in contact with Fingal County Council’s Parks Division via or contact the Biodiversity Officer on 01 890 5605.
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