There are six islands located just off the Fingal coast. These are Irelands Eye near Howth, Lambay near Rush, and Colt, Patrick, Shenick and Rockabill near Skerries. These islands are home to about 80.000 breeding seabirds during the summer months.

Rockabill has the biggest breeding colony of Roseate Terns in North-western Europe. Lambay Island holds Irelands largest “mixed” seabird colony and is of international importance. Irelands Eye is one of only five colonies of Gannets in Ireland and is the only one on the east coast. The three large Cormorant colonies on Lambay, Irelands Eye and St. Patricks Island collectively form a “supercolony” that comprises the largest aggregation of the species anywhere in Britain or Ireland. The most abundant sea birds are Guillemots and Kittiwakes.

Most seabirds feed on the open sea where they dive from the air to catch fish or invertebrates. Next time you visit the coast, keep an eye out for Terns and Gannets that can be seen plunging into the sea anywhere between Howth and Balbriggan.

Please note that all the islands are privately owned. With the exception of Ireland's Eye, access to these islands is strictly with prior approval of the landowner.
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