The coastline of Fingal is characterised by three large estuaries at Rogerstown, Malahide and Baldoyle. These estuaries are amongst the most important nature conservation areas in Fingal.

Every year, up to 40.000 migratory birds spend the winter feeding and resting in the Fingal estuaries. Wading birds such as Godwits, Curlew and Snipe probe in the mud to look for the millions of tiny creatures that live in the estuary mud. Other birds such as the Brent Goose and Greylag goose will feed on the algae growing on the mudflats, while birds such as Cormorants feed on fish.

In summertime, the estuaries are fairly quiet, but you may see a Shelduck with their crèches. Underneath the water though, there is still lots going on. Estuaries are important nursery areas for many fish species that live out in the sea such as Herring, Seabass, Cod and Pollack. 25 different species of fish have been recorded in the estuaries so far.

Find out what we are doing to protect and restore our Estuaries.

Want to know more about plants and animals in our estuaries? Check out the publications on estuarine plants, birds and fish in Fingal.
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