We all have a vital role to play to help biodiversity. Many of the choices that we make everyday - what we buy, how we travel, how we use water and energy, how we garden and what we throw away - have a huge impact on our environment.

Key ways to help biodiversity:
  1 Make your garden more interesting for wildlife by planting nectar-rich flowers to attract bees and butterflies, fruit-bearing trees and shrubs to attract birds, a garden pond to attract amphibians and damselflies. Even in the heart of the city, a window-ledge bird table or a birdbox will attract a surprising range of birds or you could build a batbox to invite bats into your garden.
  2 Avoid using peat-based composts in the garden, helping to slow the destruction of peat bogs in Ireland. Compost the waste from your kitchen and the garden and use that instead.
  3 Go and explore your local parks and nature conservation areas to see what wildlife you can find on your doorstep.
  4 Become a member of one of Ireland’s many nature conservation organizations.
  5 Join the Conservation Volunteers Fingal on one of their practical conservation days for a bit of fun and exercising.
  6 Participate in community based nature studies such as the Garden Bird Survey, www.birdwatchireland.ie, Spring Alive www.springalive.net, and the Seashore Survey www.coastwatch.org. You don’t need to be an experienced ecologist to participate in these surveys, so go and give it a try!
  7 Use the car less and walk, cycle or take public transport instead.
  8 Save energy and natural resources by turning off heating and appliances when not needed, using water wisely and insulating your home.
Are you interested in adding some colour and wildlife to your estate?
Check out our Resources section for more practical advice on encouraging wildlife into your garden.
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