Businesses play an important role in projecting our natural environment. All companies can have an impact on biodiversity in the course of their business - because they use natural resources, produce or consume products, own and manage areas of land, or finance other activities that have direct and indirect impacts.

At the same time, a healthy natural environment is important for business as it provides the raw materials and biological services which are essential for a business to produce a return on its investments. Beside being directly dependent on biodiversity for economic operation, as a user of biodiversity, business also has a social responsibility to help conserve it for future generations.
There are plenty of ways that business can help biodiversity in Fingal:
1 Produce a biodiversity action plan for your business.
2 Manage your grounds for wildlife - plant trees, hedgerows, colourful plants and build bird & bat boxes as these will attract a range of wildlife species.
3 Sponsor Fingal’s Nature Education Programme for primary and secondary schools .
4 Sponsor a nature conservation project in Fingal.
5 Become a 'Champion' for a habitat or species at risk in Fingal.
6 Provide expertise such as marketing advice for projects and nature conservation groups in Fingal.

Organise a company nature conservation day or donate staff time to participate in practical nature conservation activities in association with the Conservation Volunteers.

Participating in the Fingal Biodiversity Programme has many benefits for your company. Your company will enhance its positive image to its staff and customers as an environment friendly contributor and it will give your company an image of a good corporate citizen.

For any projects that are sponsored or participated in by businesses proper recognition will be given. This recognition can take many forms such as the upcoming Biodiversity newsletter, on materials and publications that are produced and media coverage such as radio and local & national newspapers associated with the particular project.

Contact the Biodiversity officer for more advice on ways to incorporate action for biodiversity in your business. More information can be found at This website gives more information on the importance of Biodiversity for business and how to create a company biodiversity action plan.
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