Convention on Biological Diversity
The Fingal Biodiversity Programme is a direct result of a process initiated at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. At this summit, world leaders recognized that human activities are changing and destroying the natural environment at an ever increasing rate and action was needed to halt the loss of Biodiversity. The outcome of this summit was the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which has now been signed by over 170 countries, including Ireland.

National Biodiversity Plan
The Convention on Biological Diversity requires Ireland to create and enforce national strategies and action plans to conserve, protect and enhance biological diversity. In response to this summit, the Irish Government prepared the National Biodiversity Plan (NBP). This document describes the national biodiversity strategy and defines the action needed in Ireland and provides the basis for the government's nature conservation programme. The NBP requires each Local Authority to prepare a Local Biodiversity Plan in consultation with relevant stakeholders and designate a contact officer for natural heritage conservation matters in its area.

In response to the NBP,
Fingal County Council set up the Fingal Biodiversity Programme and has appointed two Biodiversity Officers to coordinate the development and implementation of this nature conservation programme.
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