The Fingal Biodiversity Programme was set up in response to a growing concern for wildlife and the nature in Fingal and throughout the world. Fingal contains a wealth of wildlife, but the pattern of loss of this natural heritage mirrors the global pattern as our local habitats are damaged and lost and species numbers have declined.

The Fingal Biodiversity Programme aims to conserve and enhance the natural environment in the County, thereby contributing to a more sustainable development of Fingal. The Biodiversity programme comprises of five key elements:
1 Development and delivery of the Fingal Biodiversity Plan and the associated Ecological Network in Fingal: this spatial network comprising of core nature conservation sites, bufferzones, nature development areas and ecological corridors.
2 Ecological research: to find out what wildlife lives in Fingal and to identify areas important for nature conservation.
3 Active Conservation: to undertake practical conservation work aimed at protecting, restoring or enhancing habitats such as woodlands, dunes and heathland.
4 Nature Education: to inform and educate schools and residents about nature and wildlife in Fingal.
5 Enjoying Nature: to provide access to nature conservation areas to allow people to enjoy our natural environment.
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