The Fingal Biodiversity Action Plan will be the guiding document for nature conservation efforts in Fingal over the next 10-20 years. The primary purpose of the FBAP is to focus the efforts and resources of Fingal County Council and other nature conservation organisations to protect and enhance biodiversity within Fingal in the most efficient manner.

Delivery of the Ecological Network Across Fingal
About half of the actions relate to the management of individual sites that collectively make up the Fingal Ecological Network. The Biodiversity Action Plan also includes an overview of the planning requirements and recommendations regarding the ecological network.

Research & Monitoring
New studies are to be undertaken to gather new data on important sites, flora and fauna, particularly in the countryside and to look at further opportunities for wildlife enhancement on sites included in the ecological network.

Raising Awareness
Educating people of all ages and backgrounds about biodiversity in Fingal and the essential role it plays in our society and economy is fundamental to the success of the Biodiversity Plan.

To download the Fingal Biodiversity Plan, click here.


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